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Testimoni Teknik Fisika




I’ve always been interested in wanting to know how things work. I really enjoyed science and particularly physics and maths. After studying at SMU level, I wanted a practical subject that combined these disciplines. Engineering Physics in ITB did that and, for me, it is also a bridge between the theoretical sciences and engineering fields. Various courses which I learned during my undergraduate study in Engineering Physics have provided me a strong foundation, which then enabled me to specialise further into my research of interest during PhD. This strong foundation also helps me in my current role to face engineering problems with structured approaches and solve them by using my specialit skills as well as multidisciplinary point of view.

Mulyadi, TF’97 – Principal Materials Technologist (Metallurgy) at Rolls-Royce Plc, Derby – UK



Pendidikan di Teknik Fisika membantu saya dalam mengasah kemampuan berfikir secara analitis, multidisiplin, dan komprehensif serta secara tidak langsung juga membantu saya dalam mengembangkan kemampuan interpersonal skill. Kemampuan tersebut sangat mendukung saya dalam kegiatan pekerjaan sehari-hari sebagai TA & Reliability Engineer di PT Petrokimia Gresik.

R Fairuz Zamani, TF’2004 – TA & Reliability Engineer at PT. Petrokimia Gresik



Teknik Fisika memberikan dasar pengetahuan yang kuat bagi para alumninya untuk dapat dengan mudah memasuki segala macam bidang di dunia engineering

Nico Febrian, TF’2008 – Field Engineer at PT. Schlumberger Geophysics Nusantara